packaging machine elmor 800

The packaging machine elmor 800 is a small, compact and versatile packaging machine for premade bags like seed sachets. The machine can be combined with all elmor seed counters, but also with counting devices from other manufacturers or with other dosing devices such as dosing scales or volume-dosing machines.

The seed packaging machine elmor 800 can fill and close sealable flat bags. The size of the bags can vary between about 60 x 100 mm up to 180 x 240mm.

Changing of the bags requires only a few seconds. A replaceable bag stack allows changing to other formats without time-consuming adjustments. Just change the stack and continue. Therefore, the packaging machine elmor 800 is especially suited for the packaging of seed specialties or organic seeds where many different varieties, but mostly small batch sizes have to be packed.

The packaging machine elmor 800 is designed as a table top model.

New energy saving model elmor 800 ECO

With the latest version of the elmor 800 packaging machine, the elmor 800 ECO, a new system of vacuum generators are used. The entire energy consumption of the packaging machine drops by around 90%, since only a very small amount of compressed air is required. Depending on the tariff of the electricity costs this saving can make a substantial amount per year.